Bhoomi – Kora India icon


Bhoomi is a metaphorical reference to a piece of land that we claim as ours. Although physically only a small portion is needed to thrive on, our aura extends further creating a larger sense of belonging. The term expands to cover the motherland hence often referred to as ‘Bharat Bhoomi.’ In our culture, such is the importance of this word that even the Earth is venerated as ‘Bhu Devi.’
Bhoomi as a collection, represents the idyllic world – filled with belonging, love, mutual respect, honesty, a natural spontaneity and blossoming. It thrives on acceptance and surrender, letting life mould us organically just like in Nature.
A mixture of over-printed jaals, stripes and butas off-set with embroidered floral motifs and trellises on soft handspun, handwoven cottons and Chanderis in rich earthy tones, create a look perfect for this season of transition. Delicate tassels and lace details enhance the look.