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Indian seers say that Nakshatras represent the abodes into which the fruits of our labour  -- our Karma is transferred and stored. The Nakshatras dispense these results, the highest of which is the fruit of our worship and dhyan, our purusharth -- effort towards spiritual pursuits in life.
Rohini is one of the 26 Nakshatras, lunar mansions. In Indian mythology, she is the daughter of Daksh Prajapati and the favourite consort of Chandrā, the moon God.
Our Rohini collection embodies grace and grandeur. Fresh colours like pink blue lilac and yellow are offset with fine zari embroidery and gota flowers. The dupattas are diaphanous and delicately embroidered with tonal tissue cutwork and bold details. The silhouettes are elegant, perfect for that festive mood.