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Inspired by Grace

Manifested in Dhyan

Crafted with Love…

The brand philosophy of KORA revolves around simplicity, sustainability and inherent spirituality.

Taking pride in all things Bharatiye, working with natural fabrics, textiles and crafts, we are enthusiastic about the possibility of bridging and transcending the thin borders between ethnicity and modernity to create a new aesthetic that is universally appealing.

Kora’s focus is on reducing the carbon footprint. Aspiring to reuse, recycle and refine the fabric waste generated out of production, scraps are used to create packaging material, bags and small gift items.

Kora is proud to be associated with Pranam Shilpalaya, a not-for-profit organisation that works with women migrant labourers in and around Delhi. Pranam is a movement based on Natural Laws of truth love karm, action and light. It aspires to make humanity aware of their true inherent attributes. The motto of Pranam is – ‘supatra ko sahyog, sabse badaa yog,’meaning that the greatest yog, union with the divine is enhancing the deserving.

Pranam is working to revive relevant and sustainable practices in all spheres of life, may it be social spiritual political economic or educational, based on our sanatan sanskriti, magnificent eternal heritage, so that these can be used to enrich contemporary living, propelling us towards a respectful, symbiotic relationship with Nature.

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