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I am Ameyā

Unbound and limitless

Wild like the forest

Flowing like the breeze

And pure like moonlight….
Ameya, connoting all that is boundless, magnanimous and immeasurable -- a vision in white -- reminiscent of a feeling of expansiveness, peace, piousness, grace and clarity. The ‘colour’ white is a statement in itself, moulding itself to suit all moods from the pensive to the powerful. As the world becomes more and more cluttered and noisy there is an urgent need to go back to our inner unsullied core which is above all worldly laws and mores. It is eternal and light, guided by consciousness that is beyond the mind….
Soft hand-woven cottons with fine hand-cut applique leaves, trellises and floral sprays highlighted with delicate sequins create an aura of airiness. A mix and match of tonal textures creates an interesting mélange of white, while graceful silhouettes make these summer favourites.
Off white silk chanderi dupatta with scalloped and embroidered edges. (Dupatta)
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