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Dhyan Asans

Dhyan Asans
Any area that is designated for the divine idols needs to be exclusive, clean and
beautiful. Pranam Devalaya has created unique asans that not only provide a
perfect platform for the icons but also enhance the visual appeal of the sacred
Alternately, some of the larger sized asans can also be for personal use. An asan
gets vibrated when we sit on it with pure thoughts and do dhyan, hence it is
essential that the same asan be used every time to strength our sadhna and
maintain continuity of thoughts. Asans are very essential because when in
dhyan -- in a pure state of being, a certain type of energy is generated in the
body and this should not be immediately earthed. That is why the material of
the asan has to be pure a fabric. Synthetics are to be avoided.
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