Hamsikā – Kora India


The Hamsā or Swan, is a mythical bird with a unique ability – when served water mixed with milk, it can separate these two through its serrated beak. Known as neer-kshir vivek in Bharatiya Sanskriti, it is a metaphor for the ability to identify truth from falsehood. The Hamsā is also the mount of the Goddess of learning, Maa Saraswati. She is therefore known as Hamsikā.
Inspired by this beautiful representation, our Hamsikā collection is a mix of delicate hand-block prints detailed with fine ecru thread embroidery, artisanal chiffon flower buds, appliquéd rose bunches, and silver sequins. The kurtas are airy and pants comfortable. Striped dupattas create a vision of elegance and grace.
Pink & grey hand block printed Cotton Chanderi dupatta, with embroidery and ric-rac lace.
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