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Acting in the external world, Maya manifests itself as the two powers of attraction and repulsion. In the internal, its manifestations are desire and detachment, Pravritti and Nivritti. The whole universe is trying to rush outwards, expanding. Each atom is trying to fly off from its centre. In the mind each thought is trying to go beyond control. However, every particle in the external world is checked by another force, the centripetal, and drawn towards the core. Similarly in the thought-world, the controlling power is checking all these outgoing desires to always come back to the centre.
Nivritti means subjugation and conquest of evil passions, of Tamas, resentment and avarice.
Inspired by this inward journey of self-love and discovery our Nivritti collection attempts to mirror this process of self-realisation.
Printed silks in deep hues of red-orange, plum and emerald — colours that correspond to the main chakras or spiritual energy pools of the body, are further enhanced with antique gold embroidery and a spatter of sequins. The silhouettes are wearable, ranging from comfy kaftans to smart kurtas worn with embroidered velvet gilets. 
These co-ordinated ensembles makes them trendy options for the festive season.