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Tisyā, means auspicious. Also known as Pushya, it is the 8th Nakshatrā as per Indian Astrology. It is important in Vedic as well as Puranic literature and has been identified with stars in the constellation of Cancer. While the ruling planet for Tisya is Saturn, the deity associated with it is Brihaspati who is the Guru, mentor and preceptor of Devtas, the divine benevolent energies of the Universe.
Pushya nakshatra is analogous with prosperity and hence associated with abundance, growth and opulence.
Our Tisya collection is a whimsical representation of the qualities of this Nakshatrā. Brown, Indigo and Mustard silks are used abundantly. The garments are embellished with various techniques ranging from appliqué, cut-work and aari, crewel embroidery. They are finished with a spatter of sequins and silk tassels. Bold floral motifs and block printed silk striped scarves, edged with tassels add to the drama of these fun festive ensembles. Smart jackets, easy kurtas and long dresses are paired with boots and chunky jewellery for that very chic boho look.
Brown silk dhoti with all over small flower embroidery.
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