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Covid 19 has been a game-changer to say the least. While the whole world was running mindlessly for all things new, better and more, the virus came up silently as a huge speed-breaker to topple every cart!

The long lockdown was initially a shock, but to someone like me who is more of a loner, it was a welcome relief. What an amazing time it was! Silence, peace, blossoming nature and a complete disconnect with life as we knew it. No rushing to work, meeting deadlines or even dealing with things that were covertly pushing us towards the brink.

Life slowed down. There was so much time to do what one loves….writing, drawing, cleaning (yes, this too!) and introspecting…

As one dwelt on what life would be after the pandemic is over, one thing was for sure, getting back to the crazy pre-Covid times was going to be nearly impossible.

Nature suddenly seemed to be on everyone’s mind.

What no super-power could do with all the resources at its disposal, a tiny little bug had done….quite effortlessly. This is how Nature works. Her shakti, that subtle, focused force comes into play when she deems fit. This time it was aiming to bring about disruptions that would make humanity realise its collective follies.

Shakti is considered the energy principle of prakruti, nature, while purush is the param bodhi, supreme intelligence – that observes and measures everything on the scales of truth and falsehood. Shakti is different from energy. Even though energy is prevalent in everything, only when it is concentrated for a specific task, it consolidates itself with all its might to become shakti. It could be defined as energy with a cause!

Shakti invariably has an objective, which she achieves irrespective. She is not only the driving force but also the ultimate refuge of anyone aspiring to take that quantum leap for growth and evolution.  

This force of Nature is most active at the moment. She has decided to show her ugra, aggressive form to re-establish equilibrium in her creation. And she will re-instate this through her various laws. The laws of Nature – reduce, recycle, reorganise and eliminate all unnecessary things, even in thought word or deed and respect resources.

Keeping this in mind, the current collection from KORA came about in honour of Shakti and one of her main forms – Sri Lakshmi. She is not only the bestower of prosperity but also the consort of Lord Vishnu, the preserver. Together they ensure that humanity never strays from the path of truth love karm -- action and light. These are the four pillars of our eternal culture and the basis of Pranam, a movement I am always proud to be part of! Pranam through its founder Meena Om has stated equivocally that transformation is inevitable now. And we all need to work on ourselves to become better versions of our self…..only then can we be worthy of being a part of Nature’s Divine Design!

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