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Be a flower of humanity

Be a flower of humanity

Aayi Basant, pala udant.

--Hindi proverb

Basant descends, frost evaporates. When Spring arrives, the earth awakens to loving warmth of the sun and flowers begin to blossom.

Flowers spread joy, positivity, and fragrance, and showcase the play of colours in nature. They hold within their folds deep spiritual messages for humanity.

A flower is a culmination of the beautiful essence of growth; a symbol of consistently working on the self and then offering it to the world. It gives the seed, which represents continuity of the sankalp – resolve of imparting the best of your being.

A flower tells us in silent language that we are perfect creatures, reflection of the divine and by working on ourselves, and taking right nutrients and withstanding the blows of natural calamities and other assaults, we can blossom fully. Flowering fully reflects divinity; it symbolises the journey of life in a very concise manner.

We have to imbibe this gyan. If we leave a seed – a thought -- behind, it should be according to our individuality, what we have blossomed into with our constant sadhana.

A flower gives food, nourishment, joy of karma to all the insects -- butterflies to honeybees -- till it lasts. It does not hold on to its benevolence. Similarly, we should work hard, take right nutrients and have the wisdom of what to attract and imbibe for a lasting vision or resolve of spreading joy and light, leaving a the essence in seed form that carries on this natural procedure.

A plant perishes but never succumbs to circumstances. It never compromises with its qualities and mission. It knows the highest perfect mechanism of nature – full blossoming of being. Everyone can blossom into perfection, that beauty which reflects divinity, which is beneficial for the whole creation.

Flowers are detached from the feelings of sorrow and joy, offered at the altar in temples and other places of worship, graves, and adorning joyous occasions and that of grief alike. As the Bhagwad Gita states for a yogi – flowers too are centred in sambuddhi and are stithapragya karmyogis, providing smiles and solace to everyone.

Being divine, they never reject anyone, unlike people who sometimes view others with disgust and resentment.

When a flower blossoms there are no vehement gestures or clamour. It blossoms for its own joy, according to its own gunas, as per Nature’s law, in complete surrender.

The plant knows that it is has to flower, blossom and offer a perfect seed. The seed of joy, happiness, life and medicinal values. One can feel refreshed and energized by the healing aura of flowers. A seed captures the essence of the flower when it blossoms fully, it would not happen earlier or later than that. Perfect timing and tuning. It represents continuity of the dhyan of the plant, which grows to finally wither away leaving behind its own replica in seed form.

Humans are mostly unaware of the kind of seed – thought – they are leaving behind, being totally engrossed in the worldly mire.

Different flowers have specific significance -- lotus represents wisdom and detachment; rose stands for love; sunflower for solar energy; lily for piousness; daisy reflects innocence and hope and marigold symbolises joy.

A flower is a divine reminder to all of us to blossom fully in given life. It only takes the set amount of nutrients essential for its growth. Offer more water to the plant – it will perish but never takes excess. A stronger plant will stay aloof from excess, absorbing only the amount it needs. When it blossoms fully, it never holds on to it, and surrenders gracefully to withering away. But its aim is always to give a proper seed and attract proper insects for pollination – such is its dhyan. Its true inner core attracts this in surrender and is happy and contented with its own attributes. We are never happy with our qualities because of being tuned by various influences – parents, teachers, and peers. So our mind indulges in doubts and dualities.

We too are flowers of the Supreme, planted on the earth, but we have created a mess by using too much mind. A flower is a perfect play of energies, colours and fragrance. We too can blossom in whichever field we are in if we imbibe the qualities of a flower, and to justify our existence.

Warm regards,

Meena Om

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