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Atma Manthan

Atma Manthan
Kora’s AW2021 collection is based on Atma-Manthan, inner soulful introspection and churning that life often compels us to do. As often stated, life is like a roller coaster with its’ mandatory ups and downs. In the middle of a smooth ride come unexpected bumps that seemingly throw us offtrack. Or do they? This was the question that hankered as I embarked on the design journey for the festive collection.

The pain of the second wave and some personal loss loomed larger than life, stubbornly lingering around, even though I tried to move on as time nudges us to. There was such pandemonium. Would be apt perhaps to call it pandemic-monium! The darkness, helplessness and pain of it all seemed unreal... but it was real.

 As we all gradually move towards vaccination and piecing together our lives torn apart by unexpected circumstances, the disarray left behind cannot be put together so soon… will take time and time is rarely ever on anyone’s side. Most often it remains a stoic witness to our travails and tribulations.

Surreal as Covid19 seems, it appears to be an anathema to all that the human mind has so carefully nurtured – arrogance, ego, unnatural living and most of all indiscriminate usage of the bounties of Nature... And vaccination alone is not the answer. The real cure is going deep within, soul-searching and listening very attentively to Nature’s warnings and directives.

 We do converse with our inner voice but justify all that it points at. Our mind always seems to know better. ‘Who is this stranger that comes barging in ever-so often,’ it retorts, ‘Ignore ignore,’ it insists. But the conscience never goes away, we do, into the deep abyss of our mind’s design. Lost, till effort is made with great sadhna and light of truth to find a path through it.

As a child I often wondered what was the greatest tool that Nature or Supreme has bestowed upon us to be able to decipher between good and bad, because these terms are ever so relative. And one fine day in a flash, the answer came loud and clear. Experience my dear! Anubhuti – an infallible balance of experience and realisation. If we have faith, then experience is the greatest measure.  This comes with a warning – True realisations always lean towards truth that it is not mind generated or instigated. This demarcation between mind and conscience is only possible when we are consistently honest with ourselves, have clarity and even re-visit experiences with abject purity and grace, not projecting our own biases onto them.  When judgmental, then experience related realisations are sullied by our fears and trepidations.
True anubhuti brings a feeling of lightness, love and clarity.

The design journey for this Festive Edition is based on these simple epiphanies. As my mentor Meena Om often states – ‘always be sahaj saral swabhavik samanya’ – simple easy, spontaneous, natural, effortless and normal - egoless.  Ultimate grace and growth are in simplicity, honesty and sincere internal and external karm.

So, here’s to the little joys of life – clean air, fresh water, chirping of birds, loving smiles, sparkling eyes filled with affection and joy, hearty laughter, soulful bonding, light of gyan – experienced knowledge, power of truth and most of all unconditional love that can never be quelled, because come what may, nothing can bind love…. It just flows!


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